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There are not many people that invested great portion of their life in education of others about permaculture. Few have done this and Geoff Lawton and VladislavDavidzon are some of them. Check their Facebook page. Here I want to talk about Geoff Lawton and his views and his work.


Some of the most interesting work he done, was discovery and documentation of a thousands of years old food forest in Morocco. There is a lot of data that will hit the auditorium soon enough, about this mystical place, and I will avoid further mentioning of it. I will focus on his view of permaculture and his thoughts about it.

One of the more interesting things Geoff Lawton has said is that a permaculture is the final step Inbrain evolution. That it is a change that happens in our brain and that it extends the potential of that brain. And he may be right, because permaculture represents something new ( even though it is around for over 30 years ) and to change ourview on the world and accept the rules of permaculture and to live like that would certainly mean an evolution of a brain.

Next thing he likes to talk about and discuss is parenting. Teaching your kids about permaculture from the early years of their life, explaining how the food comes to the table, a life cycle and animals and plantsis very important. Raising your children should involve teaching them about those things, not sheltering them from knowledge they may never or may receive later. Children understand, so explain it to them.


He also talked about those that start exploring permaculture, and what should they be doing at the beginning. Zero zone should be starting point for every beginner. Venturing into the permaculture and starting with big projects with only knowledge and without practical knowledge can be devastating for both the permaculture system you are working on and to your own confidence, when it fails. And it will fail.

He also shared some information about a work he is involved in. This project is called Farm share. The idea behind this project is to start farms whose owners would be around 250 families who would work on and live from that farm. This kind of projects are already active in 2-3 countries around the globe, but his aim is to bring this to USA. Those that own these farms would receive all shares from those farms, and they will be able to decide what to do with raw products, sell them or use them.  This project is an international type, and they are looking for project managers who are willing to work with them. You can find out more from permaculture design institute.

The most important thing Geoff Lawton represents and carries with him is the positive look to the future. He believes and thus works toward better future through permaculture and permaculture designs. And because of that he continues with his works, he writes books, educates people by showing them and teaching them about different aspects of permaculture.

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