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Planning for a greywater system


You can have a greywater system for your family’s use or one built as per the number of rooms that the house has. Start by determining the average amount of greywater that is generated at home. The water could be generated from laundry dishwashing, bathing, and other miscellaneous uses. On an average the sink drowns about two to five gallons per day, the shower heads about five to seven gallons, the dishwasher about four to five gallons with the washing machine taking up to thirty gallons per day.

Consider disposing of the effluent

Give the final consideration on the way to dispose the effluent into the soil and ensure that the soil can accept the amount of water that will be generated from your activities, treated and discharged. You may ask your local sanitation engineer to test the ground to determine if it would percolate the water.


In the overall site plan look at the topography, slope, soil conditions and the ledge. You should look at the levels of the groundwater and the buildings around the compound. You should also check if the vegetation in the compound can withstand the grey water that you shall introduce. You should not use the greywater near the wetlands or water catchment areas.

 It is important to check the plumbing code in your area and any state regulations that limit the use of greywater. The reuse regulations will lead you to safe ways of effluent discharge and other land application regulations that should be followed. In some states, you are required to have a permit from the local health boards before using the greywater. Some state environmental regulations also limit the use of greywater and require a detailed investigation before allowing the use of greywater.


Designing the treatment system

 The greywater may be used on the soil as it is and the soil microorganisms can work on the elements in the water safely. However, if the amount of water is so high, you may need a leach-field or the cesspool to treat the water so that it can be stored for longer before being released to the soil. The septic tanks should only be used for the blackwater.

The Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute  teaches a number of ways of conserving water and reusing the greywater. They have over the years contributed to a better environment. You can apply at any time for their water conservation courses and enlighten yourself on the best ways to manage your water resource. For more information visit Regenerative Leadership Institute page.

Vladislav Davidzon


Vladislav Davidzon has devoted his entire professional career  to developing and launching innovative brands across the number of industries . As a leader , businessmen and environmentalist , he is dedicated to using his skills and experience to build socially responsible enterprises and his record has show exemplary success on many levels .

A peace advocate and technical professionals . Vladislav’s path began at an early age . He was trained at the franklin covey company , studying works like seven habits of highly effective people and other relevant material . These concept would stick with vladislav , applied to all aspects of his personal and professional work .


 vladislav is also appreciative of the many opportunities he’s had to work alongside leading thinkers and educators over the years . This includes Bill mollison , Joanna macy , Marshall Rosenberg , larry korn , and many others.

He started his first consulting business while still in high school . It was a learning experience , of course ,and would have an incredible impact on all his business ventures going forward . This includes think host ,Inc. founded in 1999 by  Vladislav Davidzon, Thinkhost is a debt free , privately owned  progressive company that provides high end website hosting services . It is powered 100 percent with renewable energy .

Vladislav Davidzon built the company on three basic principle : honesty , integrity and trust . With the help of his dedicated staff , Vladislav put forth a demonstrated commitment to social change , environmental responsibility and community support . The web host is the first and leading carbon neutral company , revolutionizing the information technology industry forever.Thinkhost grew into a global leader, became profitable in just a month after its launch .  Vladislav Davidzon eventually sold Thinkhost to a conglomerate that he is proud to say has an intensive sense of social responsibility .


The next evolution in Vladislav’s professionals life came after participating in a bicycle tour in America . It prompted him to found common circle Expeditions – sustainable energy in motion . This was a groundbreaking enterprise . A bicycle touring company that introduce client to sustainable living and organic food production while riding their cycles on the back roads of Oregon and Hawaii , and visiting organic farms and intentional communities .

Ultimately , common circle expedition was a resounding success . The program had an incredible impact on many of the participants citing the program as a deciding factor that led them to make significant changes in their  lives They wanted to make better decisions about sustainable living and living healthier .

loginlogoVladislav Davidzon continued to focus on socially responsible leadership development.He launched the regenerative leadership institute .With students coming from New Zealand, China, Mexico and other countries around the globe . The regenerative leadership institute was a sustainable living and permaculture design school.Utilizing strategies and works engineered by Vladislav , the school revolutionized the permaculture educational industry through the reformatting of internationally recognized permaculture training . With concentrated nature immersion program in sustainable design and living , the institute made these training relevant to mainstream America . The goals was to change lives by offering pragmatic skills and a desire for more sane , beautiful thriving and sustainable planet.